The Jesus Enigma - We know nothing about his early life

He seems to arrive just in time for his baptism - Did he really fulfil the OT prophecies about The Messiah?

We know that Jesus lived because the well-known first century historian Flavius Josephus mentions him in his works as “a great teacher and healer from Gallilee”. But we have no reliable knowledge of his life from birth until his baptism by John the Baptist, when His ministry began.

The nativity story in Matthew's Gospel is unsupported by historical records and so full of contradictions and inaccuracies that it is usually classified as a complete myth. See for example:

The Bible is virtually silent on the rest of his life until his baptism with only a brief mention of him at the age of twelve and that only in St Mark’s Gospel.

If we reject the Nativity story and the one casual mention of Him at the age of 12 as myths, then Jesus seems to have appeared from nowhere, aged approximately 30, presented himself to John for baptism and then continued with His Ministry for approximately three and a half years until he was crucified.

Is this a possible scenario? If so, where did he come from and how did he arrive here? Surely the Old Testament said that he would be born of a young woman, so he must have been, mustn't he, otherwise He could not have been The Messiah? 

Unfortunately, this is just one of the many prophecies Jesus did not fulfill concerning The Messiah, which is why many Jews do not accept him as such to this day. But one has to ask how much the Old Testament Prophecies were adjusted, in the light of the then current understanding of the world, so that they made sense to people of those days.

For instance, God was considered a "spiritual" being, living in a spiritual world called "Heaven". But Jesus was going to come to earth as a physical human being, so that he could experience and understand life a we humans experience it.

How else could a spirit being become flesh and blood, except he be born as a human baby from a human mother? Therefore the arrival of the Messiah had to be accomplished by a young girl, giving birth in the normal way. 

Unfortunately as well as being born of a woman, The Messiah had to be of the "line of David" so Joseph had to be his natural father. But since he and Mary were not married at the time of Jesus' alleged birth, the church had a dilemma: If Joseph were to be recognised as the father, Jesus would have been conceived in "sin" and automatically disbarred from becoming The Messiah! If Joseph was not the father, then the prophecy of being from the line of David would not have been fulfilled and Jesus could not be The Messiah. Definitely they were on the horns of a great dilemma!

The solution was simple! The church showed that Mary was also descended from David so the "prophecy could be fulfilled"! The only problem is that the lineage of women was not taken into account in those days.

Women counted for nothing then and that attitude saw Jesus' best apostle, Mary Magdalene downgraded in history to a common prostitute and women being barred from office in the Church until very recently. Women are now gradually being allowed into the lower rankings in the church and Mary Magdalene's role in Christ's ministry is gradually being revealed!

So, the fact that the Old Testament prophecies said Jesus would be born of a woman were not necessarily true but were the only way the people of those times could perceive a fully human messenger from God arriving on earth.