The Antichrist - IDENTIFIED - The Son of Perdition

The Man of Lawlessness and Son of Perdition - who will exalt himself above God - IDENTIFIED!


He has nothing to do with "The Beast with Seven Heads" but 



Until recently the Beast with 7 heads has been commonly thought, although never being specifically named as such, to be the antichrist who would assume authority in the End Times and force everyone to worship him or his image and have his number tatooed on their heads or their right hands or be killed!!

But this beast is easily identified in the section here entitled Two Beasts & 666 and is definitely not going to rule the world in the Final Days!

The true antichrist, named as the Man of Perdition who will exhalt himself above God, has only just been identified - by the Pope! - Indeed he has only just appeared!

Remind yourself of the prophecy inThessalonians 2.3:

"Let no one in any way deceive you, for it will not come unless the APOSTASY comes first and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of perdition/destruction, who opposes and exalts himself above every so-called god or object of worship so that he takes his seat in the temple of god, displaying himself as being god"

But the Apostaphy must come first? (No I'd not heard the word before either) But the meaning of the word is apparently: "the abandonment of a religious or political principle". So before the Anti-Christ is revealed the apostaphy must come.

A few days ago a really important political and religious principle was abandoned when Pope Francis labelled Donald Trump as "un-Christian" and whether that accusation is true or false, labelling someone un-Christian is as good as saying he is the "Anti-Christ"!

Donald Trump rounded on the Pope and the Apostaphy that the Pope should not criticise world government figures, nor should a world leader criticise the Pope, was definitely abandoned!

So if Donald Trump is the predicted Anti-Christ who is going to "rule the world" and "consider himself above God", then things are not as bad as the Bible scenario seems to predict, where the Anti-Christ is predicted to literally rule the whole world and put to death all who will not worship him!

However, you can see that the description does fit him and the President of the USA has previously been decscribed in Revelation as "god of the earth" and "he who sits on the throne" in the prophecy of the 4 Horsemen. He has also been portrayed as "God" in the "pouring out of the last 7 plagues" in the war in Iraq.

If he becomes President, he will take his seat in the "Temple of God" (The White House) displaying himself as being "God". Certainly, as the ruler of the most powerful nation on earth, he might seem god-like to ancient people and  it could be assumed that everyone would have to "obey" him, although that is somewhat of an overstatement given modern day understanding of a so-called democracy!

Can you envisage Donald Trump as "god of the earth"? The End Time must definitely be near - at least we must hope so!