Satan bound for 1000 years - But WHY is he RELEASED?

But it's not Satan - It says "The Dragon" and they are NOT THE SAME

The Dragon is not Satan, whatever some misguided interpreter of The Bible has claimed! The Dragon is said to be "what gives Power to the Beast"! (Rev 13:4) Let's just recap that:

The Beast with 7 heads was the League of Seven Arab States, standing by in 1948, to devour the newly formed State of Israel at birth. Remind yourself by reading again the prophecy of The Woman with 12 Stars 

What gives power to "The Beast", the Arab nations, is OIL. There is even an oil company called Dragon Oil!

So, bearing in mind that it is the "Dragon" who is "bound for a 1000 years" during the Millennial Reign and not Satan, perhaps we can now understand why Satan must be released after 1000 years! The oil supplies must be "turned back on"  at the end of the 1000 years, after the earth has been renewed, following its near-destruction during the Tribulation.

Just to cement this interpretation, remember that the "Angel of the Abyss" aka "the Angel of the Bottomless Pit" initially came down and opened it with a "key" and "smoke went up as if from a giant furnace" as we saw when the oil wells were on fire in Kuwait during the Gulf War. So the "Bottomless Pit" or "The Abyss" is identified as an oil well.

Now the same Angel of the Bottomless Pit binds the "Dragon" into the same place from which the smoke previously came when the oil well was on fire! The angel is merely sealing the oil into the oil well where it normally comes from and the oil is capped (or bound) for 1000 years because there is no one left on earth to use it!

It makes more sense than releasing the evil Satan after 1000 years and anyway, what a strange place to imprison him in the first place!

Oil is not going to be used for 1000 years while the earth is unoccupied, but at the end of this time, interestingly enough, it is going to be brought back into use again. But only for a "short while", presumably until more suitable and satisfactory energy sources are brought into play.

So will "The Dragon" go forth to "gather the nations to battle" as the Bible says, when released? This is what it says in Rev 20.7:

And when the thousand years are expired, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison, 8 And shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them together to battle:

Bearing in mind that we are talking about oil now flowing again, and not Satan riding forth, this is not a normal battle between armed people about territory but a battle which concerns oil.

In 2015 there is a battle going on between the oil producing states of the middle east, the "Gulf State" produceers, and America, which is producing an increasing amount of gas and oil by fracking, causing oil prices to fall to the detriment of the Gulf oil suppliers. The Gulf suppliers are refusing to cut back on supplies, as they have done in the past to maintain high prices and instead, are waiting for the price of oil to plummet until it falls below the economic cost of producing oil by fracking in the USA.

They hope to put the frackers out of business and recapture control of the marke, so that they can put prices back up again! This is a PRICE war! But who, or what, are the participants in this war, who are said to be Gog and Magog?

If we Google Gog or Magog, we are confronted with a multitude of explanations for Magog, many relating to the lands previously named Meshech and Tubal to the north of Israel and Gog is considered to be the ruler of Magog: The war is expected to be between Magog and Israel. But this, as we have said is not a normal war. This is a price war about OIL. and Israel is not an oil producer at the moment, although with discovery of a vast layer of shale suitable for fracking in the Golan heights in 2015, this could change rapidly.

If we Google "Gog" and "oil" together we get a quite amazing result! It produces: "Gulf Oil & Gas Company (GOG)".

"A search for "Ma GoG oil" also shows the Gulf Oil & Gas Company but this time at its head office address in Massachusets USA. The abreviation for the state of Massachusets is MA, so the "american part" of Gog could be represented as Magog, or "Massachusets Gog", confirming the "battle" over oil to be a continuation of the competition between the USA and the Arab States.

Unfortunately, one cannot ever be sure what a prophecy means until it has actually been fulfilled and this interpretation of "Magog" could be considered somewhat tenuous! However, there can be little doubt that the "release of Satan" is actually the oil supply being turned back on and that the ensuing war is about oil.

Since oil companies are not normal candidates for physical warfare, I think we can safely assume that this is definitely a price war!