The Lake of Fire & Brimstone - Completely Misunderstood

Cast into the Lake of Fire and Brimstone - With The Beast & the False Prophet

WRONGLY INTERPRETED - deliberately so or by accident?

In this day and age, how can the church continue to support the barbaric interpretation that those people who are resurrected after the 1000 years of the Millennial Kingdom and then found to be "not up to standard" will  not just be put back to death, but thrown into a "lake of fire and brimstone" where they will be tortured forever!

It may be that this is what the Bible appears to say but surely an organisation in the current "civilised society" which seeks to educate us about Jesus and His teachings, should realise that all is not what it appears here and urgently seek out the truth! - Or maybe they deliberately endorse this explanation for their own ends, in order to control their followers and ensure they "follow the rules".

This may be the sort of threat the church could get away with 2000 years ago but surely not today? It is not only barbaric in its concept but totally flies in the face of the teachings of Jesus! It is time for the church, to which all christians look for guidance, to come clean and admit that the scriptures might have been changed in the past to preach their own message rather than the message of God!

But there is no chance of that happening before the predicted return of Jesus, who will hopefully cause the immediate collapse of their "empire" because there will be no longer be any need of their services when He arrives in person. Is this why Pope Francis is predicted by the prophet Malachi to be the LAST POPE?

Perhaps if we look carefully at what the Bible says and try to interpret it in the light of modern technology and understanding (let the reader understand...) we may be able to see an alternative explanation right now and prevent a lot of intrinsically good people from unneccesary distress!

When the New Jerusalem arrives on earth Jesus himself is on board. These are not two separate events. From the events described, the survivors of The Great Tribulation, together with the 144,000, go on board. But the text says, quite incorrectly, that the 144,000 are the resurrected "first fruits of God". But these are not resurrectees, because to be so chosen involves a "judgement" being made and Judgement Day has not yet happened!

If you have not already done so, please read this section, first: who are the 144,000 before proceeding further, to ensure that you clearly understand that the 144,000 are NOT resurrectees. This is a crucial point in the following discussion!

These survivors and the 144,000, go into the New Jerusalem for 1000 years, to live in "God's Kingdom on Earth". At the end of the 1000 years, three things are aid to happen:

1) The rest of the dead are ressurrected. It says "the rest" because it has previously incorrectly identified the 144,000 as the first batch of resurrectees, which by now, having read The 144,000 you will know is incorrect. It simply means "the dead will be ressurrected".

2) Judgement of all will take place, including the survivors of The Tribulation and the now-resurrected dead.

3) "Satan" will be released from his 1000 year captivity. (But it's not Satan - it's The Dragon ) You should now look at this section to understand the difference between the Dragon and Satan.

There is a lot of speculation as to who will be saved from those resurrected and some even say that this so-called "second resurrection" (which it is NOT because, as we have seen, the first resurrection of the 144,000 was a misinterpretation) are all doomed because they are referred to as the "ressurrection of the damned". Why then bother to resurrect them at all, if they have already been judged and condemned to death?

There is also the question of killing all those survivors of the Tribulation and their children, who have been born during the 1000 years and yet still do not accept Christ! How on earth could anyone spend 1000 years on board the ship, with Christ present and then not believe in Him at the end? And where in the Book of Revelation does it say the survivors will continue to breed during the 1000 years?

There is so much nonsense written and wild assumptions made in the explanations by so-called Bible Scholars, not to mention misquotations of the texts, that I will say no more on the subject. You can search the internet for yourselves and fall asleep reading the ridiculous "explanations"

Unfortunately they all agree that those who do not "pass the test" on the Day of Judgement will be thrown into the "Lake of Fire and Brimstone, where The Beast and the False Prophet are..." And then to cap it all, Hell and Satan are thrown in for good measure!

It doesn't make sense... and THAT MEANS it isn't being interpreted correctly!

God wants us all to make it eventually and it's understanderble that not everyone is going to be ready right now! But there is no way those not ready at the moment are going to be killed! Have we learned nothing from Jesus' first visit? What are we missing here? 

The story of the Millennial Kingdom deals extensively with the cleansing and renovation of the earth, devastated during the Tribulation, which presumably takes 1000 years to repair and meanwhile we are temporarily housed on the New Jerusalem in orbit.

The oil wells  being "turned back on" at the end of the 1000 years indicates that at this time, the earth is going to be inhabited once again and we will be returned back to the surface, where the oil will once again be our power supply, at least "for a short while". 

But there is something still missing here! Jesus said that "there are many dwelling places" (planets) "in my Father's Kingdom" and that he was "going to prepare one for us". He would then return to take us "to himself".

Why would he go to prepare a place for us elsewhere if we were are going to be re-housed on a "renewed" earth, after being temporarilly rehoused on the space station New Jerusalem? 

There have been references in the Bible about "sorting the sheep from the goats" but no suggestion that any of them would be butchered after they were sorted. What normally happens is that the two breeds of animals are put into separate enclosures, or separate pastures and both are then carefully nurtured.

So here in the Book of Revelation, God has rehoused the people from the New Jerusalem, back to the New Earth after repairs, but there is no mention of the far distant planet which Jesus has allegedly taken 2000 years to prepare for us!

What's more, before the Tribulation, the earth's population stood at seven billion and we were bursting at the seams, without everyone who had ever died being resurrected! Unless God really is going to slaughter 90% of the total population who ever lived on earth, where are they all going to live?

There has to be a "further place" prepared for some of us, as Jesus has already told us. It could be that the New Jerusalem is going to take us there, once those destined to be returned to the earth have been relocated there.

Whether the people returning to the earth are the ones who "passed" the tests or whether they are the ones who "failed" I have no idea but if one group has gone back to earth, the other group must be going to the "place prepared for us" far, far away in another galaxy.

Whether this new far distant planet is the "New Heaven and New Earth" which John sees in the Book of Revelation, or whether it's the "renewed earth" with the New Heaven being the changed sky due to the additional "moon" created by the New Jerusalem in orbit, who knows? There is certainly a second destination for a large portion of the survivors and resurrected of the earth.

But where has this vision of people being thrown into a lake of fire and brimstone come from? Is it a pure fabrication, invented by the church to frighten early christians, or has John actually seen it in a vision and misinterpreted what he has seen. If the latter, what did he actually see?

What if our new planet is so far away that it would take 100,000 years to reach, even if the New Jerusalem could fly at the speed of light? What if it would take a million years! Another means of transport would be necessary for this journey!

What John has seen is a gigantic "Stargate", much larger than the ones we have seen in our sci-fi movies, because an awful lot of people have to go through this one! And this one is horizontal, rather than vertical, so rather than walking through, people would be walking or jumping into it, which might be interpreted as being "thrown in".

It would be crackling and flashing red with power and static, with possibly a yellow background - a true "Lake of red Fire and yellow Brimstome, with people seeming to jump in all round it.

That would take a load of courage to jump into what appeared to be a lake of fire! Perhaps those who better understood what was involved, were indeed having to PUSH them in?

Now the reason for taking 1000 years to renew the earth makes more sense. It's an awful long time, but as well as "renewing the earth" how long does it take to build a giant Stargate terminal?

Bearing in mind another terminal had to be built on the planet to which we are to travel, perhaps we can appreciate why it has taken Jesus 2000 years to come back and fulfill his promise!