Cast into The Lake of Fire & Brimstone

BUT only those whose names are NOT written in The BOOK OF LIFE 

Who are they whose names are not written in the Book of Life & what is the Lake of Fire? 

In this day and age, how can the church continue to support the barbaric interpretation that  people who are found to be "not up to standard" will  not just be put to death, but thrown into a "lake of fire and brimstone" where they will be tortured forever!

It may be that this is what the Bible appears to say but in our current "civilised society", it should be obvious that this is not at all what is intended! 

This may be the sort of threat the church could get away with 2000 years ago to keep us in order but surely not today? It is not only barbaric in its concept but totally flies in the face of the teachings of Jesus! It is time to re-examine this prophecy again to try to understand exactly what it means!

Perhaps if we look carefully at what the Bible says and try to interpret exactly what it means, in the light of modern technology and understanding (let the reader understand...) we may be able to see an alternative explanation and prevent a lot of good people from unneccesary distress! 

It doesn't make sense - and usually THAT MEANS it probably isn't being interpreted correctly!

Someone once suggested that human beings are just "empty pots" which are given consciousness by the “Spirit of Life” entering their bodies at birth. When the body eventually dies, the dead body is thrown away and the life force, the spirit, returns to Heaven. The body is wrapped in a white sheet or “garment” and is disposed of. It actually says something like: “the body is dressed in white robes”

In Rev 3.5 God clearly says “I will NEVER blot his name out of the Book of Life”. It clearly states that no one will have his name “blotted out” of The Book of Life and will arrive normally in Heaven on their death.

Therefore, there must be OTHERS living on this earth, whose names are not “written in The Book of Life” who will NOT go to heaven IN THE NORMAL WAY on death.

Could this be because although they are currently living among us, they were not actually born on this world? They are here for a specific purpose and can’t go back in the same way that we can by dying because they didn’t arrive in the same way that we did!

Is it possible that they can’t die because they are immortal and need to return home when the time is appropriate by a different route.

These beings were initially introduced to us in Genesis as “The Nephilim” and appear to be flesh and blood beings just like us, sent to help the “newly created children of God” to survive, be educated and grow up in God’s newly created world. They appear to have assisted man ever since to develop extremely rapidly over the years.

They are obviously flesh and blood because they had “relationships” with the “daughters of men”, much to God's disaproval, to produce children! (Gen 6. v1.6)

God "very much regretted he had made his children" (or words to that effect!)

Could it be that these important beings have to go back and forth through what has fashionably become known as a “portal”, or what is sometimes referred to as a “wormhole”, to get back into their own world, because they can’t die to go back in the same way that we do?

If so, it seems the background colour of this “portal” could be yellow (sulphur/brimstone) and the fire crackling around the edges is some kind of electrical discharge, temporarily keeping the portal open to allow them passage!

Exactly who the beings known as the False Prophet, The Beast and The Devil are who appear to be in the process of being caste into the lake are is a question for another occasion but they must be names of the “directors” or "organisers" of our worldwide “show” as opposed to the “actors” who are the ones performing in the show and would be listed in The Book of Life. They will return “home” when they die.

Those organising and directing the performance will go back and forth between the two worlds as they always have using the portal, because that is their role.

It may appear they are being thrown to their deaths but I cannot see where this fate is actually confirmed in the Bible.