The Amazing Book of Revelation Explained


A Brief but Detailed History of the World 1948 - 2016 

Written by John of Patmos - 95 AD

The Book of Revelation was written around 95 AD by “John of Patmos” whom some think may have been the same John who was a disciple of Jesus. It is a series of visions predicting events which will occur in the "End Times", defined by the prophet Jeremiah as "starting when Israel once more lived in its own country" which was 1948. The visions culminate in the return of Jesus and the creation of a “New Heaven and a New Earth” in 2016.

To coin a phrase immortalized by a certain sporting personality: “It is a book of two halves”.

The second half explains exactly what will happen when Jesus returns; what will happen to those who are still alive at the time and the fate of those who have already died. Taken in conjunction with the teachings of Jesus, during his brief visit to earth, we are in a position to know exactly what our future holds, if we read the book carefully, with the benefit of 21st century knowledge and perhaps a little help!

Unfortunately even dedicated Christians who attend church regularly, find it difficult to understand what happens on death. It is especially difficult because their mentors can’t really make up their minds whether going to heaven involves a spiritual passage of the soul after death or whether it involves a physical resurrection.

If there is a physical resurrection, when does it occur? Is it at death or later? If there is only a spiritual life after death what was Jesus’ display of a physical resurrection all about?

Our mentors often hedge their bets by suggesting that initially, on death, the soul goes to a “spiritual Heaven” and awaits a “physical resurrection” on the “Last Day”. But if Heaven is a temporary, spirit world, where is the physical world where we are all going to be resurrected later and when will this be?

Until 100 years ago, or even later, the church would have gotten away with the suggestion that everyone would be resurrected back to earth. But the explosion of the world’s population in the last century must surely have put paid to any suggestion of this! There is barely enough room for those who are still here!

The answers are all in The Amazing Book of Revelation. It reveals exact details of the future, providing we read it carefully and take note of the many, deliberately planted, “clues” along the way.

But because it is such an incredible revelation, few people today will believe what it says in the second half of the book and the sole purpose of the first half is to convince the reader, as the various prophecies have been fulfilled in amazing detail, that whoever inspired this amazing book, knew exactly what the future held!

The first half of the Book of Revelation is a “potted history” of the “End Times” starting in 1948 with the creation of the State of Israel and ending in the present time, after the War in Iraq, when all the prophecies in Revelation, other than the predicted return of Jesus, have already been fulfilled! 

Incredibly, it was written 2000 years ago, in great detail but in such a way that the predictions could not be understood until they had actually happened and for a very good reason. If anyone had understood in advance, what the predictions related to, then they might have been able to take action to change the future, with potentially disastrous effects!

So let’s examine the first half carefully and  you can then decide whether or not you are sufficiently convinced to read the second half! If you already believe that Jesus is going to return, then you should start at "The New Jerusalem"

The first prophecy chronologically is about the Woman with a Crown of 12 stars” and appears in chapter 12. It predicts the most important event for Israel since they were taken into captivity in Babylon around 600 BC and is the event which itself ushers in the End Times; that is to say, the prophecy of the Creation of the New Jewish State of Israel in 1948.

The Bible explains everything very precisely, but we must read it very carefully and take note of a few specially-planted “clues”, which are often contained in just one little verse of only two or three lines. They can be identified by the fact that they always appear to be totally irrelevant to the passage which contains them! 

Unfortunately some people who purport to advise us, particularly on the internet, often rearrange words and mix up prophecies, to come to a completely different and totally incorrect interpretation of this book and manage to predict a quite horrific “End of Days” scenario of horror, doom and destruction.

Secondly, it is very important to remember that ALL the prophecies are of the FUTURE, as viewed from the time when these visions were recorded by John in 93 AD. Remember, the “voice from Heaven” said: “Come up hither, and I will shew thee things which must be hereafter.

Even when the past tense is used in a prophecy, for instance: in Rev 17:10 when it says:“and there are seven kings; five have fallen, one is, the other has not yet come…” it does not mean 5 were in the past, before 93 AD but in the past, at the time of the event in the vision occurs.

Many interpreters of the Book of Revelation use examples like the one above to assert that “Revelation is about the future but not exclusively so…” but you will see as we progress through the prophecies, that they are all in the End Times, after 1948 and all prophecies before the return of Christ in the Book of Revelation have now been fulfilled.

However, it appears that the "Abomination of the Desolation" spoken of by Daniel, has yet to come to pass, as at December 2015 and you can now, with hindsight in 2019, examine this prophecy on my separate site End Time Prophecies Explained here: